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The Segue Living Center team participated in deployment training and the annual Point In Time Count mandated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development with Commissioner D. Allen, Arlington Police Department, and many community organizations.


Segue Living Center received its 501C3 tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.    


Nominated and confirmed to serve on the Advisory Council of the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition for 2020.

Segue Living Center held its first annual community outreach event in Ft. Worth, Texas at The DockBookshop.  Information, resources, and giveaways were provided to attendees from the community. Interaction with the attendees was phenomenally impactful.   



Met philanthropist and author of “48 – An Experiential Memoir on Homelessness”, Dr. Sheldon A. Jacobs from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Dr. Jacobs is affiliated with the Nevada Homeless Alliance.  


Provided resources to and began intercessory for homeless individuals encountered who live on the streets of Arlington.

Began community collaboration with businesses to help provide support services to families with children at local shelters.  Current community partners are:​

  • Asili by Candyce, Candyce Akanno, Oklahoma City, OK

  • Assistants Unlimited, Michelle Jones, Grand Prairie, TX

  • Certified fitness trainer, Stephanie Sanders, Arlington, TX

  • Focus Faith/A Glimpse of Glory, Pastors Anthony and Nebra Brown, Ft. Worth, TX

  • NuMage Professional Barber, Derrick Pipkins, Dallas, TX

  • Family Professional Counseling, Antoinette Kincaid, LPC, Grand Prairie, TX



Partnered with Salvation Army Family Center in Arlington and provided donations for families.

Betty Williams, M.S.W. candidate at the University of Texas at Arlington assisted in establishing the Segue Living Center H.O.M.E. sm (Helping Others Meet Expenses) homeless prevention program.


From August through December, Segue Living Center (Compassion Team II) provided food, toiletries, and detergents to over 300 people, consisting of 24 families, at the Arlington Life Shelter.  Support services provided monthly to families at local shelters.

This support service is provided monthly to families at the Arlington Life Shelter.



Segue Living Center participated in its first North Texas Giving Day fundraiser extravaganza.  Its fundraiser campaign, “Spreading the Love” was successful thanks to its board of directors, matching fund sponsors, and donors from Texas and across the United States.  

NTGD matching fund sponsors:  Asili by Candyce, Candyce Akanno; Mabon Leadership Group, Dawud Mabon, CPA; Helena Williams; My Business Administrator, LLC, Janet Y. Williams; Solomon’s Journeyman, Jason Richardson; Jeneration Crafts, Jennifer Spruiel; Jazzy Jenn’s Jewels, Jennifer Terry; Remax  Associates of Arlington, Karen McDowell-Birchette; Drizzles and Drips, Kendall Reaves; Lakeesha V. Browne, CPA; Segue Living Center Board of Directors.

This successful fundraiser helped Segue Living Center to team up with Via to provide emergency transport assistance to senior citizens in Arlington, in need, to travel round trip to medical appointments, shopping excursions, and emergency travel at no charge.  Additionally, emergency assistance to families for rent, utilities, groceries, automotive care, or work related items was made available.


Met philanthropist of the homeless cause, Ms Gia Cablayan, owner/artist of “Gia.Did.It’  in Los Angeles, CA. 

October - December

Donors such as the QuikTrip Corporation, the Cornerstone Baptist Church Women’s D Connect Group, Cornerstone Academy, businesses, and individuals donated.

Served three families through Homeless Prevention Emergency Assistance Program and NuMage.  Segue Living Center donated clothing for families to local shelters. 

Segue Living Center became part of the Continuum of Care network in Tarrant County.

Segue Living Center participated in Giving Tuesday and raised funds to support Homeless Prevention Emergency Assistance Program.  Asili by Candyce sponsored a Facebook  fundraiser for Segue Living Center.

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