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Matching Fund Sponsors:

Jazzy Jenn’s Jewels, Jennifer Terry; Drizzles and Drips, Karen Birchette McDowell; Asily By Candyce, Candyce Akanno; Jeneration Crafts, Jennifer Spruill; Ms Samm’s Tea, Samaria Richard; HJ, The Young Philanthropist; My Business Administrator, LLC ; The Segue Board of Directors

Segue Legacy Partners:  Ms Samm’s Tea; Asili by Candyce; Nebra Brown





Because of you…….

  • Over 70 families consisting of 771 individuals served food and toiletries at the Arlington Life Shelter along with DV’s Donuts provided to ALS staff.

  • Five families who suffered loss in apartment fire was provided food, furniture, clothes, and gift cards

  • Seven families were provided emergency assistance payments for rent, utilities, VIA Rideshare, and extended hotel stay

  • Several students and their families were provided clothes, shoes, and accessories through Segue’s community partner, Comet Cleaners to The Care Closet at Eastern Hills High School in Ft. Worth

  • Several families of Elevate Your Game, Inc.’s basketball campers were provided turkey baskets for Thanksgiving

  • Several community partners were provided in-kind donations and volunteer services to help achieve their mission of serving families impacted by homelessness.

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